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Leadership Team

Leadership team votes on adding new members or removing existing members.
Leadership Team Structure



  • Officiate weekly chapter meeting

  • Remind members about what it takes to grow their business

  • Coordinate group marketing plan with our marketing partner

  • Support each leadership team member in their roles and responsibilities

  • Train and prepare incoming President on roles and responsibilities

Vice President/

  • Officiate weekly chapter meetings when the President is not available

  • Manage the tracking and reporting of all member activities

  • Receive and manage funds/financials for the group

  • Track Weekly and Event attendance

  • Train and prepare incoming Vice President on roles and responsibilities

Membership Chair

  • Greet all guests and introduce them to the Leadership team and members

  • Meet with each guest about what it means to be a member

  • Follow up with all guests with calls/texts/emails

  • Manage the Chapter Roster

  • Train and prepare incoming Membership Chair on roles and responsibilities

Education Chair

  • Ensure new members understand how to network successfully

  • Set up and maintain speaker schedule

  • Find guest speakers for group meetings

  • Educate weekly on relevant networking or other educational material

  • Train and prepare incoming Education Chair on roles and responsibilities

Community Chair

  • Find outreach/community opportunities for chapter members to participate in

  • Plan the outside events for fourth-week social

  • Collaborate with other community organizations and clubs

  • Train and prepare incoming Community Chair on roles and responsibilities

Culture Chair

  • Challenges members to be selfless leaders and prepares members to use their influence, not just for themselves, but for the benefit of others

  • Weekly address of team regarding our culture

  • Champion for Business Friends

  • Calls meetings to order

  • Times Business reels during meetings

  • Facilitates a testimonial from members each week

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